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About me

Birth Date: 01/15/1977
Sex: Female
Occupation: journalist
Interests: meditation, travels, yoga....
Music: Bjork....

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Thursday, 26 October 2017Yoga Holidays near Verona894 / 1


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My Videos

Meditation Exercise 1 - Breathing for Meditation

simple visualisation for meditation
Indian monk talks about meditation

Indian monk who will be opening an Ayurvedic Medicine college in South Florida, along with Dr. Zyad of Acupuncture Ayurvedic Wellness Center, explains the health and wellness benefits of tantric meditation.
Bill Laswell: Axiom Sound System Musical Freezone (1 of 2)

Throughout three decades, Bill Laswell has been a constant innovator, fusing seemingly disparate genres into a whole new sound. Touching upon everything from worldbeat, funk, rock, hip-hop and jazz, there are no limits to his experimental approach. No matter what the project, one thing remains a constant - Laswell's pretty basslines provide a rhythm to which all sounds connect beautifully. The Grammy winner is one of the most prolific artists in modern music, fronting his own band Material and serving as producer, label owner and performer on other's albums. He has worked with many respected artists, including Herbie Hancock, Mick Jagger, Peter Gabriel, Yoko Ono and Laurie Anderson. Among his many talents is his ability to bring together well-matched singers and players to create a distinct style that defies easy classification. His Soundstage episode embodies his unique approach, transcending any genre boundaries and delivering an engaging performance. From the World Beat of Tabla Beat Science, to the jazzy flavors of Pharoah Sanders backed by Material, it's an exciting mix. Other surprises include a rocking Buckethead set that includes a little breakdancing and songs by Praxis. The show culminates with an all-star performance, funked up by Bootsy Collins. more vids @ http://soundgasms.blogspot.com/
Pharoah Sanders, Zakir Hussain, Trilok Gurtu: Jewels of Love

Pharoah Sanders, Zakir Hussain, Trilok Gurtu: Jewels of Love
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