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Yoga Lifestyle
Is Yoga ancient or modern?
User Rating: / 5
Written by Massimo   
Friday, 08 September 2017

Reflections about the historical origins of yoga, after attending a recent program organised by the University of Oslo about the scientific researches done on yoga in the last years.

Last Updated ( Monday, 11 September 2017 )
Ethic and Etiquette in Yoga
User Rating: / 7
Written by Massimo   
Sunday, 26 February 2017

A better life through the ethical awareness given by the yoga practices. A better world, too? Yama and Nyama in our everyday life.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 26 February 2017 )
Yoga as a free, spiritual path
User Rating: / 3
Written by Massimo   
Thursday, 25 August 2016

Can yoga become a natural path of self-realization for our modern society? Free from religious dogmas and rituals?

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 September 2016 )
Yoga and pain
User Rating: / 3
Written by Massimo   
Friday, 29 July 2016

An epidemic of Masochism? Why people search for pain?

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 September 2016 )
Yoga and Gurus
User Rating: / 3
Written by Massimo   
Wednesday, 08 June 2016

What is a Guru? Is it important to have a Guru to learn yoga? Are we all Gurus?

Last Updated ( Saturday, 30 July 2016 )
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