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Modern Yoga, strange dogmas and a bit of ignorance PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Massimo   
Monday, 22 March 2010

So, if one day I come to you, my friends, saying that I have discovered a very ancient text, in a remote old library, and in this text there are special physical exercises created by Buddha himself to reach the Nirvana in this very life, would you believe me?

Especially, would you believe me if I start to teach these very demanding physical exercises saying that this exercises are the real essence of Buddhism, and if I would charge a lot of money for sharing these ancient knowledge? Would you believe me if all these exercises are not mentioned at all in any traditional text of Buddhist heritage? Would you believe me if I will call these exercises "Nirvana" and if I will say that people who are not students of my school should not be allowed to use anymore this word "Nirvana" in a buddhist teaching contest without my permission?
And, as a fantastic "gran finale", would you believe me at all if I say that unfortunately I can't prove that I actually found this ancient text because it has been eaten by the ants??

Well I'm sure that none of you would believe me, and I am very glad about that, but then I really can't figure out how is possible that millions of people in the world are blindly following a famous school of Yoga which declares that it bases its expensive teaching on an ancient text called Yoga Kurunta which is supposed to be written at the time of the ancient sage Patanjali, but unfortunately it is not possible to see this precious text because it has been eaten by the ants...
Of course I'm not criticizing the yoga exercises (asanas) that this school of yoga is teaching, actually I like to practice some of these exercises myself, and I think they can be good for many people. But I can't avoid to think that it is really arrogant and unfair to make people believe that these exercises are "The Real Yoga", and all the other approaches with this ancient discipline are just a sort of low level imitation.
I think it could be far more acceptable and more humble simply to admit that this special yoga exercises have been developed by the Guru of these famous school just about 50 years ago,  and that there is not any privileged connection with the ancient sage Patanjali, and definitely there has never been any ancient text called Yoga Kurunta.

Why to invent such a silly story after all? The yoga tradition has always been a mix of different approaches, different schools, different methods, and this is actually it's power. Every person is different from another so every person naturally approaches yoga in a different way. Yoga is a personal path, not a dogmatic religion. A real Guru (a master in Yoga) always gives personal instructions to his pupil, and any system, any moral code, any knowledge, naturally changes according to time, space, and person.

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