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Something about the Chakras PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Massimo   
Thursday, 19 July 2012

Often the Chakras are described in different ways, with different colours or different shapes. Why this happens? What is the authentic yogic knowledge about the Chakras?

It is from a very long time that I had the desire to write something about the chakras, because I found very often many different interpretations of this idea. Different colours, different positions, different meanings.
It is definitely something that creates a strong attraction and interest in human beings. In fact the chakras are archetypes, symbols of the subconscious mind. Like with other archetypes and symbols, it is possible to find the geometrical figures that are representing the chakras basically in all the cultures in the world.
So, this is probably one of the reasons why many people find an easy natural "connection" with the concept of "chakra". It is something part of our mind. It would be interesting to understand from where this kind of Archetypes are coming, and why and how they are effecting the subconscious mind of people, but I don't want to go too far.... not for the moment at least ;-)

For the moment I would just like to share some information about this concept to clarify some confusion that may rise sometime due to the different interpretations coming from different schools and different traditions. Knowing anyway that nobody has the truth in his/her pocket. But perhaps sharing our knowledge all together we can maybe catch a glimpse of this Truth.
So, here comes a link with a clear explanation of the chakras from a traditional tantric-yogic point of view, and then an other link that explains how in modern times has been develop a different interpretation of the chakras, which gave different colours to them and different systems to work with them:


And here the link to discover how and why the concept of chakras has been changed in modern times (due to the influence of the Theosophic movement of Madame Blavatsky, and the more recent New Age movement):


I hope some of you can find it interesting and perhaps useful.

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