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Diaphragmatic Breathing for Advanced Yoga Meditation
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Date :25 April 2008
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Proper yogic diaphragmatic breathing is a central foundation practice for one who wishes to move on to advanced meditation, to experience the highest direct experiences of Yoga. One of the challenges to breathing diaphragmatically is in knowing exactly where the diaphragm is located, and how it works. When breathing diaphragmatically, the muscles of the abdomen, chest, and clavicles are not involved. They remain still, while the diaphragm gently contracts on inhalation, and releases on exhalation. Breath is an extremely useful part of the systematic process of Yoga meditation, which leads one beyond the breath to the finer, subtler practices and experiences. There is tremendous value in understanding the process of breathing, and in diligently, gently practicing diaphragmatic breathing. [More] [Less]
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